Sunday, May 10, 2009

"To the Uneducated, an A is just three sticks". A.A. Milne

We are a tough clique, many outside do not understand the eccentricities and the bonds which keep us bound so tight despite our geographical separations. We have phrases, memories, symbols to which we live our lives by. We are individuals, and part of a collective. Misunderstood? Most probably. Happy? You could bet your life on it.

We follow our own paths, a Police woman and a Librarian. An Arts student and the girl yearning to get into International Relations. Then there is the Spanish student looking for her future husband in far off lands. 
We live in different places. The Blue Mountains, the Northern Beaches. Brisbane and Canberra. And far away Dunedin, NZ. Our future plans also cast the net further afield. Hong Kong, Korea, Monaco and god knows where else.

But physical separation doesn't define our relationship, we are forever bound by the beautiful memories and the balls moments that have made us laugh and cry since we forged our friendships. We have had the collective total of 6 major break ups, a miscarriage and a sexual assault, the loss of a father and a grandmother and a mothers battle with breast cancer. But these have all been lost in amongst the countless nights at the Carrington, the ridiculously long, lazy school lunches on the lawn and the millions of minutes we have spent laughing until we wet ourselves. 

I can only hope in 50 years time, this scene will not have changed. Our ages yes, our looks most probably, but the intensity and love that is our defining features? No.

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